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The Paddle School

Survival skills

Will you survive the Wilderness?

Embark on a primal adventure with our Survival Skills Session! 

Master essential skills, from fire-lighting to wilderness survival, guided by expert instructors in a hands-on, immersive experience. 

Learn the art of survival in nature's classroom, honing skills that connect you to the wild. 

Perfect for thrill-seekers, team-building, or those wanting to rediscover nature's wisdom. 

Unleash your inner survivor—book now for an unforgettable journey into the heart of survival skills!


What is included in my booking?

Expert Guidance:

Our instructors will take you back to neanderthal times as you learn the joy of lighting a fire, the use of axes and how to cook over open flames. 

Fun for All Ages:

This activity is designed to be family-friendly, providing an opportunity for those aged 9 and above to hone their survival skills. 

Friendly Competition: 

Challenge your family or friends as to who can light their fire the fastest! 

Tasty Treats:

Enjoy cooking over open flames, just remember not to let the food get too crispy!

Do I need any experience?

We'll introduce you to your inner caveman whilst teaching you how to use axes, cut wood and start fires.  Once they're burning away we'll rustle up a tasty treat to cook over the open flames!

Our Camps

What would I need to bring?

For these sessions, please wear non restrictive clothing and sensible enclosed footwear.

If you are wearing sliders or sandles, unfortunately you won't be able to take part in these sessions.

What will my session look like?

Upon arrival, our friendly team will check that you've completed your consent forms and that your clothing is suitable for the activity. 

After check-in, one of our instructors will introduce themselves and run through our safety briefing. 

Now that you're ready for the fun, we'll split you into small groups and introduce you to the wonders of fire lighting. 

Before you know it, your sparks will have turned into flames and you'll be able to prep your food. Get your hands messy making bread twists and lather them with jam!

Our Facilities

We have a range of facilities to enhance your experience:

  • Onsite are toilets, however, our changing areas are limited.

  • Enjoy the refreshing ambiance of our outdoor cafe - Bean on the Water - where you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage. 

  • Embrace the outdoors at our picnic benches, providing a perfect setting to sit back and watch Alverstoke lake at its best.  

  • Additionally, our outdoor field invites guests to unwind or indulge in a picnic.  

Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to create memorable moments. 

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