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This course will give you all the necessary information and skills to run Taster and Paddle Discover sessions in a fun and safe way.


Our dedicated mentor, tailors the training programme to ensure that you learn the most from the BC Paddlesports Instructor Course. Once qualified, you can instruct your own safe and enjoyable sessions for aspiring paddlers.


During the course you will gain experience instructing a session with directed support to guiding you through the coaching processes in a controlled safe environment. This experience is vital to becoming an effective instructor and coach

Paddlesports Instructor Award: Service


The Paddlesport Instructor qualification is designed for instructors running paddlesport taster/starter sessions within the safety management systems of clubs, centres or other organisations in:

  • ‘Very Sheltered Water’ environments;

  • craft deemed suitable for a first time experience.


The primary role of the Paddlesport Instructor is to deliver safe and enjoyable taster/starter sessions based on their group’s needs and aspirations. The qualification will support the instructor with practical skills such as kitting up a group, getting afloat, initial familiarisation activities, games and activities to support learning and how to use mini journeys as a coaching tool to inspire adventure and exploration. This will be enhanced with support on how these sessions can be delivered in a way that is enjoyable, safe and rewarding.

Paddlesports Instructor Award: About

Skills you will Develop

  • Teaching and Learning Styles;

  • Safety and Management;

  • Leadership and Communication;

  • Practical Teaching;

  • Activity Knowledge


  • Full Home Nation Association Membership;

  • Home Nation Association registration of Course Attendance;

  • British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training;

  • Personal paddling and rescue competence;

  • 14 years of age, or older.

Included in the Price

  • Paddling safety equipment (e.g. buoyancy aid);

  • The use of a range of boats, kayak, paddle board, SUP and Sit-on top;

  • 2 Days of Training;

  • Resources to guide you through the process.

What do I need to bring?

  • Paddling kit (water gear);

  • Towel and a change of clothes;

  • Lunch, drink and snacks;

  • Pen and paper;

  • More details will be sent once the booking has been completed.

Once Qualified

You can operate at a centre or with a provider in very sheltered water conditions.

The Very Sheltered Water Definition includes:

  • quiet canals with easy bankside access and egress;

  • small lakes, which are not large enough, and do not have difficult landing areas for problems to occur if there is a sudden change in conditions;

  • specified sites on gentle, slow moving rivers; enclosed swimming pools.

Location Examples

The definition implies normal conditions where weather conditions that are not in themselves likely to cause problems. Care is advised when water temperatures are low. At any point the paddler should not be more than 50 metres from the bank.
Even though it says swimming pool, it would not be appropriate to run this course in a pool.
If the instructor holds paddlesport leader the remit is then upgraded to sheltered water.

Paddlesports Instructor Award: List


Your assessment is carried out throughout the course and you will be assessed in your chosen craft. Either kayak, canoe, paddle board or sit-on top. This chosen craft will then be the craft that you are able to operate out of whilst running sessions on the water as an Instructor.

Prior to attending the Paddlesport Instructor course you are expected to have developed personal paddling and rescue competence in your preferred craft. Candidates choose to paddle one type of craft for the personal paddling and rescue skills assessment; kayak, open canoe, sit on top, or stand up paddleboard.


These skills are assessed during the course (but not trained).
We expect you to be able to be able to complete the following check list found in the Course Guide, page 20 and 21.

Paddlesports Instructor Award: About

Before the Course Update your knowledge and Follow our How to Get Qualified Guide.
(There are some necessary steps you have to do first)

Paddlesports Instructor Award: About
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