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Date - 18th May 2024

Marine Festival - 10:00-21:00

Activities - 10:00-16:00

After being run for over a decade Gosport Marine Festival has now become an annual fixture in the local events calendar, starting off the season each spring. This year the date for your calendar is Saturday 18th May 2024 – Whitsun weekend and the week before local school holidays. The festival will take place in the same period each and every year.

The event is entirely free to attend thanks to support from key partners that include: Gosport Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and Haslar Marina (Boatfolk Marinas). This one-day festival aims to make the most out of the town’s marine location, heritage and culture by providing a fun day of activities, entertainment, market and exhibitors.

Adventurous Activities

Free have-a-go sessions for sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding (SUP) with professional instructors and all equipment provided (5 years and up). Wall Climbing, Axe Throwing, Archery, Backwoods cooking and Fire lighting, bouncy castles and even more. All centred around the Cockle Pond boating lake in Walpole Park. These activities are thanks to support of the GoSport Activity Centre, Stokes Bay Sailing Club and Andrew Simpson Foundation, Gosport Scouts and a multitude of others.


Live music, food and drink is centred around the Millennium Timespace performance area, just metres from the Gosport ferry with views over Portsmouth Harbour to the Spinnaker. Weather permitting, the festivities will extend into the evening to allow all participants to celebrate in the success of the day.

Haslar Marina Open Day.

A range of vessels moored at the marina will be open to the public on static display. This represents a unique opportunity to get down onto the pontoons or view from the Gosport Millenium Pier which extends out into Portsmouth Harbour to the Lightship, an iconic landmark on the Solent.

Exhibitors, Market Stalls and Art Show.

Within Trinity Church and on the surrounding green community stalls, traders and an exhibition by local artists link us to our marine heritage and culture. The idea opportunity to learn about what the coming season will bring and support local entrepreneurship and crafts.

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Activity Permission Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form. This form is for each person wanting to participate in the activities. The information that you provide will be shared with the activity providers, Marine Festival Staff and necessary stake holders. This information is used for permission and safety. 


You must complete 1 form per person.



By filling out this form you give permission for yourself or the person you are signing for to participate in all activities that are part of the Gosport Marine Festival. If, for whatever reason, the activity provider changes it will be clear on the day who is responsible for the activity. For the duration of the activity, the activity provider is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those participating and has appropriate insurance, instructors and risk measures in place. 

Below is a list of the intended activities and the organisations that are responsible for the activity.

  • Paddle Boarding - GoSport Activity Centre

  • Kayaking - Andrew Simpson Foundation

  • Canoeing and XL Paddle Board Rental - GoSport Activity Centre - Rentals/Hire for free use: all those using canoes and XL paddle boards are responsible for their own safety and no organisation is responsible for the safety or wellbeing of those using the equipment in a hire for free use way.

  • Sailing - Stokes Bay Sailing Club and St Mary’s Sailing Club

  • Keel Boating - Andrew Simpson Foundation

  • Axe Throwing - GoSport Activity Centre 

  • Archery - Andrew Simpson Foundation

  • Climbing - Gosport Scouts

  • Backwoods Cooking - Gosport Scouts

  • All other activities - all other activity providers


All organisations running activities hold full Public Liability Insurance for the activities they are providing. This will be available at request on the day. 

The organisations present do not accept liability or responsibility for personal injury to, or the death of any participant however caused, unless by the proven negligence of the organisations and associated staff. In addition, any organisation is NOT liable for death, injury or illness caused by an activity outside of the organisation’s activities.

The person with parental responsibility is responsible for ensuring that those participating are physically fit to take part in any of the activities. Where damage is caused to the organisation's equipment e.g. boats, accommodation, etc as a result of wilful damage by a participant under the influence of drink or drugs, or as a result of a participant not obeying the organisation’s staff's instructions, then the person will be responsible for the full amount of the repair or replacement. The person signing the form is responsible for providing each organisation, on arrival, with any known potential medical conditions or additional needs that may affect the participants ability to take part. The person with parental responsibility, of those under the age of 16, must fill out and sign the form on behalf of those under the age of 16 that are intending to participate in any of the activities. 


Gosport Marine Festival places safety as a priority. Adventurous Activities involve some risk for the people taking part. Gosport Marine Festival and its volunteers/providers aim to keep these risks as low as possible. The chances of serious injury are extremely low, but the chance of minor Injuries (bruises. bumps and less likely injuries such as minor fracture) are a possible result of taking part in Adventurous Activities. Gosport Marine Festival and its volunteers/providers will minimise risk by:

  • Carrying out a careful risk assessment of risks before commencing the activity.

  • Only using experienced instructors with the appropriate qualifications/training for the activity.

  • Giving clear safety instructions to everyone participating.

  • Ensuring equipment and clothing are well-maintained and are suitable for the activity and environment 

  • Ensuring activities are within the capabilities of the participants.

  • Asking participants to supply any medical conditions or information to allow reasonable adjustment.

  • Ensuring good hygiene standards are kept.

We expect participants to co-operate with Gosport Marine Festival and its volunteers/providers, to ensure the safety of all participants, by following instructions and through the answering of Activity Permission Forms honestly especially when providing information relating to health and safety and are able to share any additional needs or medical information to the provider on the day. 


The information that you provide will be shared with the Marine Festival and associates,  activity providers, Marine Festival Staff and necessary stake holders. This information is used for permission and safety. 

Thank you for submitting the form. Remember you need to submit 1 form per person. ​We look forwarding to seeing you on 18th May 2024 at the Gosport Marine Festival.

This form no longer accepts submissions. Don't worry, you will be able to sign a form on the day.

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