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The Paddle School

Scout Kayak Session - 16 paddlers

Let us take your scouts out on the water safely and let them have the best experience ever!

Our Scout sessions are our bread and butter with many of the team being scout leaders themselves. 

During the session, your young people will paddle the waterways in kayaks completing some challenges, learning watersafety and having some fun. 

Once they have been kayaking, we will jump aboard our super XL paddle boards for some exciting games and activities to get everyone used to the water. 

A fantastic opportunity for leaders to dunk their favourite scouts.


What is included in my booking?

  • Comprehensive safety briefing on land 

  • A fully qualified instructor accompanying you throughout your 60 minute long sessions on the water 

  • Full insurance coverage (£10 million)

  •  Kayaks and paddles for your Scouts followed by the XL Paddle Boards 

  • A buoyancy aid for added safety 

  • Risk Assessments for you to provide to Parents or upload to your OSM

Do I need any experience?

Scouts do not need any prior experience, with our friendly instructors able to support all abilities. 

Even non swimmers can join in with our fun!

What would I need to bring?

  • A warm change of clothes 

  • Something to wear on the water - this could just be shorts and t-shirt, as wetsuits are optional 

  • A towel 

  • A pair of shoes to wear in the water or you can hire a pair of ours (shoes must be worn on the water)

What will my session look like?

Prior to your session, you will be given access to our risk assessments. 

On arrival your young people are signed in and Permission Forms checked. 

Following this they will be given a briefing on the below:

  • Overview of paddling equipment and components. 

  • Water safety guidelines - including the importance of wearing a bouyancy aid. 

  • Demonstrations of proper paddling techniques on dry land. 

  • Explanation of how to mount and dismount the paddling equipment. 

Then it's time for a game to warm us up and get everyone excited for paddling! 

We'll jump on the water for some fun and games followed by team challenges on the XL boards. 

Leaders are welcome to join in the fun as part of the ratios.

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