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The Paddle School

Wilderness Party (90 minutes)

Become a wilderness explorer!

The party is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this package combines the raw power of axe throwing, the precision of archery, and the primal joy of fire lighting and backwards cooking. 

During your 90 minute experience, our instructors will ensure that your session is fun, safe and exciting. 

The party includes over an hour of axe throwing and archery whilst you create your dough twists, which will be cooked over an open fire. 

The remainder of your session will be spent getting back to basics, learning how to make and light a fire with a flint and steel.


What is included in my booking?

Unlease your inner caveman with a Wilderness Party at GoSport Activity Centre. 

Our party unlike any other will see you honing your hunter gathering skills whilst also trying to ignite your inner passion for cooking over an open flame. 

Our approach is all about blending the best with the bespoke, ensuring an unforgettable experience. 

We thrive on infusing learning with fun, incorporating engaging games to make every moment enjoyable for everyone. 

Take on our instructors and challenge us to something and see if you can outdo us! 

  • Comprehensive safety briefing on land before each activity 

  • A fully qualified instructor accompanying you throughout your 90 minute-long party 

  • Full insurance coverage (£10 million) 

  • Axes, Bows and safety netting 

  • Fire lighting materials 

  • Tasty Treats to cook 

  • Hand washing facilities

Do I need any experience?

We don't expect everyone to be able to tackle a woolly mamoth when they first pick up a bow. 

Our instructors will take you through the basics and soon have you hitting the targets!

Our Camps

What would I need to bring?

Enclosed footwear (no sliders/sandals) 

Non Restricitve Clothing 

A hungry appetite for fun!

What will my session look like?

On arrival, your party group will be signed in and your Permission Forms will be checked. 

After a short meet and great with their instructor, the party will move onto their first acitivity safety briefing. 

  • Overview of axe throwing and the safety processes

  • Introduction to archery and how to hold a bow 

  • Knife/Flint and Steel introductions for fire lighting 

After the theory, we'll jump straight into prepping our food items for cooking whilst some of the party head over to their first round of axe throwing or archery.

Once everyone has prepped their tasty treats, we'll head outside to start our fires.

Our Facilities

We have a range of facilities to enhance your experience:

  • Parents not taking part in the party can enjoy a tasty treat and drink at our outdoor cafe - Bean on the Water. 

  • Either side of your party, we have access to toilets and limited changing areas. 

  • Please do encourage your attendees to arrive in their waterkit so we can enjoy as much time as possible on the water! 

Why not book our picnic benches for your party with one of our party bolt-ons, reserving enough seating for the whole party and tasty treats before or after your party.

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