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Top Tips for taking children paddling

Paddle boarding can be a great activity for children to enjoy, but it's important to take certain precautions to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Here are some top tips for taking children paddle boarding:

  1. Choose the right equipment: Make sure you select a board that is the appropriate size and weight for your child. A board that is too big or heavy can be difficult for them to handle and could cause accidents.

  2. Start in calm waters: It's best to start your child off in calm, flat waters with no current or waves. This will allow them to get used to the board and paddling without any added challenges.

  3. Use proper safety gear: Children should always wear a buoyancy aid while paddle boarding, even if they are strong swimmers. Make sure the buoyancy aid fits properly and is has the CE mark.

  4. Teach proper paddling techniques: Show your child how to paddle correctly, including how to hold the paddle and use proper stroke technique. This will not only help them be more efficient on the water, but will also reduce the risk of injury.

  5. Keep it fun and engaging: Paddle boarding can be a fun and exciting activity for kids, but it's important to keep it engaging and enjoyable. Try incorporating games or challenges to keep them interested and motivated.

  6. Supervise at all times: Always keep a close eye on your child while they are paddle boarding, and never leave them unsupervised. Stay within close proximity and be ready to help if needed.

  7. Make sure that you have clear rules and boundaries that your child knows and understands.

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