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The Paddle School

Stage 3 Paddle Board - 4 Weeks

Learn paddle boarding the right way across 4 weekly sessions!

This course follows on from the stage 2 paddlesports sessions, further developing the skills that you want to learn whilst increasing your confidence and knowledge of the sport. 

The course is generally recommended for any member of Scouts or Guides who is over the age of 11 years old. 

We highly recommend that you have completed the Discover Paddlesports course prior to this course. 

There will be games, challenges, adventures, skills and lots of fun! 

The Stage 3 Kayak course will help you develop and hone the basic skills that you learned on your stage 2 course whilst enabling you to progress to a competent, independent paddler. 

Throughout your sessions, you will be coached by one of our friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic instructors who will look after you, keep you safe, and help you develop your paddling skills and knowledge. 

During the sessions you will work through your Paddlesport Stage 3 Badge; improving any existing skillsets, whilst also learning a number of new techniques.


What is included in my booking?

  • Develop confidence on the water. 

  • Receive high level tuition from qualified instructors. 

  • Expand your paddle boarding knowledge and learn how to control your craft in different environments. 

  • Learn how to rescue yourself and others whilst out on the water. 

  • Comprehensive safety briefing on land before each session. 

  • A fully qualified instructor accompanying you throughout your hour-long session on the water. 

  • Full insurance coverage (£10 million). 

  • Your paddlebaord and paddle. 

  • Towlines and Rescue Tapes for our safety skills. 

  • A buoyancy aid for added safety. 

  • A certificate detailing the badge requirements you have completed.

Do I need any experience?

Ideal for those who have completed the stage 2 paddlesports course and wish to take their skills further. 

We build upon your existing skills, develop new ones and introduce you to safety skills to help keep you and others safe on the water.

What would I need to bring?

  • A warm change of clothes 

  • Something to wear on the water - this could just be shorts and t-shirt, as wetsuits are optional 

  • A towel 

  • A pair of shoes to wear in the water or you can hire a pair of ours (Shoes must be worn on the water)

What will my session look like?

Over your 4 weeks with us we aim to achieve the following: 

  • Overview of paddling equipment and components inclusive of safety features. 

  • Water safety guidelines - including the importance of wearing a bouyancy aid. 

  • Demonstrations of proper paddling techniques. 

  • Gradual entry into calm waters. 

  • Opportunities for participants to gain confidence; practicing paddling in a controlled environment. 

  • Guidance on maintaining balance and proper posture whilst using the paddling equipment. 

  • Instruction on turning and maneuvering the paddling equipment in multiple directions. 

  • Techniques for navigating different waters and wind conditions. 

  • Introduction to a variety of rescue techniques for both solo and group paddling. 

  • Equipment review to help make you a safer paddler.

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